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We assist veterans with VA claims, education benefits, and medical and dental eligibility so they get everything that they've already earned.   

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VA Disability Benefits Claim

The VA recommends that you don't do your disability claims on your own and that you get a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to help you. Luckily we have excellent VSO's who will sit down with you and help you navigate the complex process all the way through. *It is HIGHLY recommended that you see a VSO for a claim if you've never had one filed or if you haven't had a claim review in a few years as the governing regulations could've changed.  

The VA Disability Benefits Claim can give you access to:

  • VA healthcare & dental care

  • VA disability income (a monthly tax-free income based on overall rating)

  • Vocational rehabilitation training

  • VA-guaranteed home loans

  • Options for long-term care

  • Possible property tax exemption

  • Preference in government hiring

  • Special programs that support business development

  • Access to VA benefits for survivors

    Click here to see a list of required documentation

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There are more education benefits for veterans than just the G.I. Bill. We help our veterans not only prepare to go back to school, but work to show them how to make it affordable and go over their options and benefits such as the VA's vocational rehab program.  *It is recommended that you see a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to get VA Disability Rating if you don't already have one so that you can get all of your available benefits.

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Medical & Dental Eligibility

Our Veteran Service Officers (VSO) will sit down with you and help you navigate the complex paperwork and bureaucracy to submit your VA Disability Claim. This way you can get the medical and dental care that you've already earned from the VA.