Welcome to the Lacey Veterans Services Hub!

We are proud to provide assistance to all Veterans and their families in Thurston County. We are a one-stop shop for the needs of veterans and their families. It is our community's way of thanking you for your service and sacrifice. 

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We assist veterans with VA claims, education benefits, and medical eligibility so they get everything that they've already earned.        

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We offer financial assistance, counseling, and classes to veterans in need. *Eligibility requirements differ                                                    

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We not only offer nutrition classes, but we're also partnered with the Thurston County Food Bank as a satellite food bank location.      

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We offer on-site counseling and peer-to-peer support for veterans and their families. *Eligibility requirements differ

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We help veterans with employment, training, and job readiness assistance. This includes sharpening their up their resume and interview skills. 

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We're in partnership with the American Lake Veterans Affairs campus to provide limited healthcare coverage to veterans in need. *Eligibility requirements differ

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We work hard with our partners and veterans to assist them with housing.  *Eligibility requirements differ

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We help our veterans not only prepare to go back to school, but work to show them how to make it affordable.                                            

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We offer legal services to our veterans through onsite volunteer attorneys and through the Northwest Justice Project.